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Currently, the best tablets for the treatment of type II diabetes mellitus in the initial stages of the disease are presented by means: stimulating the release of endogenous insulin - sulfonylurea derivatives; depressing gluconeogenesis - buguanides; increasing tissue sensitivity to insulin - thiazolidinediones; depressing absorption of glucose in the small intestine - acarbose.

However, no matter how effective the pills are, the best viagra effect is achieved with an integrated approach (maintaining a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a normal body weight, eating well and exercising regularly). And yet, unfortunately, due to the progressive decrease in the number of endocrine cells of the pancreas, which are responsible for the secretion of insulin, in most cases it is necessary to switch to diabetes treatment without pills, only using insulin injections. Antibiotics are considered one of the most used medicines in the world today. However, their widespread use has led to the growth of antibiotic-resistant flora, which has become a serious problem. In addition, situations are quite widespread when patients stop taking pills without any indication, which leads to chronicity of infectious processes.

In this regard, antibiotic treatment is often accompanied by the Viagra of normal microflora with the development of dysbiosis. Therefore, it is recommended to start taking antibiotics only after consulting a specialist. Many people try to cure the disease without taking the pills prescribed by their doctor. As a rule, this is due to prejudice. In rare situations, this leads to a more severe and prolonged cure for the disease, while in most cases the process becomes chronic.